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Small cotton basket with cork edge from Minipicnic


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A design basket made of cotton, lined with cork inside.

Dimensions: L13cm x W13cm, height is variable from 13-18cm

Mustard yellow Terracotta Mint

This timeless basket made of cotton is lined with cork inside. It serves either as a flower pot or as a storage option for utensils or even food.
Its rustic and Nordic style fits in any room and gives it a natural touch.
Its height can be easily adjusted by folding the top down.
The outer fabric has been stamped entirely by hand with non-toxic water-based inks and hand-drawn line by line with a brush. The result is a drawing rich in textures and nuances that make each piece unique.
The basket is not waterproof, so the use of a coaster is recommended if you want to put a plant inside.

Care: Hand wash with cold water. No ironing. If the cork fabric is stained, rub it with a damp cloth. Do not use outdoors as the sun can discolor the fabrics.


Mustard yellow, terracotta, mint